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Retreats at Loch Leven are meant to renew one’s spirit. Retreats can have a variety of purpose including integrating new members into a group, strengthening relationships, deepening commitments and having an all around good time.

Suggestions for planning a retreat:

Create a committee that represents a cross section of your group and develop goals for what you hope to accomplish at your retreat.

Determine what facilities and/or program would best suit your group and contact us to find out what is available. It’s helpful to have more than one date in mind and an estimate of the size of the group before you call.

Return the contract and deposit within 30 days after you’ve received it.
A deposit of 20% of the contract minimum is required to confirm your event.  Contracts cancelled 90 days or more before the date will only incur a $100 cancellation fee. Cancellations made 90 days or more prior to arrival date will receive a refund of the deposit less a $100.00 administration fee.  Groups cancelling less than 90 days before the event will be charged 45% of the contracted minimum (your 20% deposit plus 25% of contracted minimum) unless a replacement group can be found.

Begin publicizing at least 6 months before the retreat and get at least a 30% deposit from each person. This will deter last minute cancellations and avoid penalties.

Organize a scholarship fund or some church fund-raisers if your group or its individuals need assistance paying for the retreat. It is possible for a work in trade agreement to be made ahead of time to help off-set costs of your retreat. Contact Loch Leven for more information.

Determine if you would like program assistance from the camp staff. We can add recreation opportunities for your retreat or design the complete program. (Additional charges apply.)

Make sure everyone brings a sleeping bag or bedding, towel and flashlight. In late fall, winter and spring the weather can change dramatically–bring a hat, gloves, warm jacket, rain protection and an extra pair of shoes. Hiking boots and binoculars and/or a camera can increase your enjoyment of the beautiful woods. If snow is forecast, call to see if you need to bring chains.

Bring some light snacks like pretzels, popcorn or chips and refreshments. The camp provides plenty of good food, so you don’t need to bring much; and avoid a lot of candy, cookies and pastries which make people feel over stuffed and sluggish, and often lead to upset stomachs. The camp will provide water, coffee, tea and hot chocolate. We may be able to provide other snacks upon request.

Create a list of things to bring and provide a map and/or detailed directions to camp. Encourage group members to carpool if possible and to arrive early enough to miss the rush hour traffic in urban areas.

The following reservation form is the first step in our reservation process to help you when planning your retreat. From your first contact with Loch Leven to finalizing the contract agreement, the process is designed to help us serve you better.
To begin, please fill out the reservation form below:


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