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Cole Leadership Cabins


Cole Leadership Cabins were constructed in 1978 and dedicated and opened for use in February 1979. They are named for Rev. Clifford Cole Sr. sitegraphics/Cole_Floor_Plan_Detail.jpg

These 10 rooms are divided into two motel style rooms, each with two twin beds and a shared restroom. Rooms are conveniently located next to Stone Lodge.  Cole 1 doubles as a Health Care Center and is ADA accessible. Odd numbered rooms have easy access to the parking lot. Even numbered rooms overlook Mountain Home Creek. Cole Cabins are available for individual personal retreats in the off-season as well as for group retreats. The number of rooms available to reserve is based on the size of your retreat.


With space for 72 people, our three dormitory cabins provide extra fellowship opportunities. Maus, Ares and Alder are near Stone Lodge along a path that offers meditative walks.  These cabins are divided in half with shower and restroom facilities on each side. Beds are traditional wood bunks with updated 5” mattresses.


  • Maus Cabin, built in 1974, was named for Cynthia Pearl Maus, the first National Youth Director for Disciples of Christ and the founder of the Youth Camp and Conference program.
  • Ares Cabin, built in 1974, was named for Ralph Ares, a dedicated lay person in the Pacific South West Region.
  • Alder Cabin, built in 1961, was named for the Alder trees that shade Mountain Home Creek and has a slightly different layout than Ares and Maus. Alder bathrooms were renovated in 2011. 



sitegraphics/Ross.jpg Ross Hoose is a two story building with accommodations for 33 people in community style semi-private rooms upstairs and additional accommodations for 10 downstairs. There is also a meeting room with a wood burning stove downstairs and a large concrete patio outside. Ross Hoose is ideal for small groups and family retreats. There are 2 residential style bathrooms upstairs (toilet, shower and sink) and 1 community bathroom (2 toilets, showers and sinks) upstairs and 1 residential style bathroom downstairs. Beds are traditional wood bunks with updated 5” mattresses.